Why Shardeum?

We frequently evaluate and provide advice to startups, and one of the biggest challenges these projects face is selecting a blockchain that will be well-received by their community. Our team at ShardStarter has a deep understanding of the technical needs of a project and can guide founders towards the best solution. We are particularly excited about the potential for projects to build on the Shardeum, as it is a smart contract platform that utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine and can scale linearly. It offers permanently low transaction fees while preserving true decentralization and strong security through the use of dynamic state sharding. This implies that Any dApp that can run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine will seamlessly run on Shardeum. Hence offering not only fast and inexpensive transactions, but also the ability to interoperate with other major Layer 1 & Layer 2 chains. Further, This will enable founders to focus on what they do best: building their project, without worrying about logistics on multiple chains

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