Incubation module

We have a thorough and well-planned process that takes into account the unique needs of each project. The following are some key elements considered while designing our

Incubation Program:

  1. Personalized Support: Each project have its own set of needs and challenges, so we support the projects by addressing their specific needs

  2. Advisory & Mentorship: A mentorship program designed that pairs projects with experienced industry leaders to provide valuable guidance

  3. Resources Support: Projects shall be provided access to resources such as Development tools, Legal, Marketing, Tokenomics Design and Technical support.

  4. Networking opportunities: Our Incubation program provides opportunities for projects to connect with other Start-ups and industry leaders

  5. Access to Angels / VCs / KOLs: We provide access to a retail investor database, and help to connect projects with potential VC & Angel Investors.

  6. . Monitor & Control: We regularly perform monitoring and reporting to help projects track their progress and identify areas for improvement

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