Deal Application Flow

The ShardStarter Launch program welcomes projects through various channels, categorized into four categories: Referral from ShardDAO, Direct application on our platform, and Community referral.

  1. ShardDAO referral – It covers projects referred by members of the exclusive VC DAO community within the ShardStarter ecosystem, and these members receive rewards for their referral if the project is successfully launched. This incentivizes the DAO community to bring forward projects that align with the platform's goals and have growth potential.

  2. Direct Application – Projects can initiate the process by either contacting the community admin or by completing the application form on our website. Upon submission of the application, our internal team will conduct a comprehensive due diligence assessment of the project. If the project passes the due diligence, it will be subject to approval by the ShardDAO VC community. Upon approval, the project will be listed for fundraising.

  3. Community Referral – Members of the community can serve as Ambassadors or Scouts for the platform, bringing new projects to the attention of the platform through creating a due diligence report and submitting it to the community moderator for review by the ShardStarter Team or by making direct introductions to the project. As a Scout, they are rewarded with 20% of the listing fees and a Token Airdrop.

  4. Permissionless Listing – A project can directly create a Project listing on our platform for approval through community governance. Such listings are subjected to a minimal charge of $200 for platform usage and contributes to the revenue generation for the platform

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