Investment Module


During this phase, the emphasis is on turning the technical aspects of the protocol established earlier into a viable concept and determining its market fit. The internal market research team at ShardStarter will ensure the practicality and relevance of the protocol and token concept. This is crucial as the long-term success of protocols is largely influenced by the interaction between the protocol and its token. A token that doesn't cater to market needs or tries to solve a non-existent problem is unlikely to thrive over time. The internal content creation team will work with the design and project teams to create investment materials such as presentations, whitepapers, and summaries, which clearly convey the project's mission, vision, role, and brand. The stage will also involve finalizing tokenomics, allocations, vesting schedules, initial releases, and other details and including this information in all investment materials. Additionally, the connection with a network of lawyers and legal experts in crypto-friendly jurisdictions will be established to ensure that the product and token are legally sound. ShardStarter places a high value on legal compliance and strives to incubate well-established legal entities.


ShardStarter has a broad network of over 300+ reputable venture capital firms, institutional investors, angel investors, and private investors. With the support of ShardDAO members participating in early funding rounds, the projects incubated by ShardStarter are guaranteed sufficient funding before launch. The team also offers expertise in book building and effective management to help the project team establish strong relationships with investors that align with their long-term goals.

Pre-Launch Technical Support:

This stage focuses on the technical aspects of launching the project and takes place after the fundraising phase. The ShardStarter team offers guidance on scheduling audits, selecting auditing firms, and providing support during the audit process if necessary. Guidance on deploying the token's smart contract and setting up the treasury is provided, along with advice on distributing the tokens, managing cliffs and vesting periods. The team also introduces the project to trusted market makers and exchanges and provides advice on managing secondary markets, TGE strategy, and handling the markets post-launch.

Marketing, and Community Building:

The goal is to cultivate a supportive and active community for the project's long-term success. This involves creating a custom community development plan for each project and executing a comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy for the launch and post-launch period. The ShardStarter team provides a range of services, including community moderation, content creation, growth hacking, engagement campaigns, and more. The team has various strategies to ensure each project finds an appropriate community to drive its success.

Development Support through Partner Network:

ShardStarter has extensive experience in deploying various dApps on various blockchain networks, which makes them capable of reviewing UX/UI and backend features. Although their main focus is on launching high-quality dApps, they also offer assistance with codebase refinement or introduce the project to development partners in their network. Projects in the incubator have access to the entire ShardStarter partner network, which includes media contacts, development agencies, auditing firms, marketing agencies, and more.

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