What’s in it for Investors & Users

  1. Investment in all segments – Our platform goes beyond just Public Round fundraising, offering unique opportunities including SAFE Deals, Seed Rounds, and Private Rounds

  2. Staking Rewards – Rewards for holding #SHMX that are appealing and flexible in duration, with an emphasis on rewarding long-term holders.

  3. ShardDAO Governed Projects – Projects that are carefully selected by the ShardDAO community, made up of angel investors, influencers, and venture capitalists, go through a rigorous multi-stage curation process before being presented for voting. This process, known as a "deep funnel," ensures that only the most promising projects are brought into the community. We reward the DAO members suitably from a portion of listing fees of the project.

  4. Community Governance – This type of Governance system provides the community members an opportunity to vote on projects that may not have been picked up by the ShardStarter team but are well-liked by the community. We will add a dedicated segment on our dApp for the community to input the Name of Project and any references they wish to provide. Once we have sufficient number of requests made for the same project, The project will be moved to Voting section, hence allowing token holders to use their voting power to support the projects they believe in. This not only expands the use-case of $SHMX Tokens but also ensures that every opportunity for success is given to community-led projects that may have been overlooked by the ShardStarter team. The positive voters that agree to commit the vote and insist on launch of project will be entitled to rewards in Native Tokens in the form of Airdrops.

  5. Tiered Staking Model – All stakers will be rewarded in the form of Platform Native Tokens. The Staking rewards will be published prior to the IDO. Also, Users will be provided with an access to vote leading to additional rewards in the form of Project Native Airdrops.

  6. Insurance Program – In order to safeguard the ongoing development and community investments, All our Deals are protected under ShardStarter Insurance Fund.

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