ShardStarter is intended to far exceed the archetypes of launchpads. Shardeum is an unique EVM based Layer 1, and therefore a typical dApp that simply launches tokens onto a standard smart contract platform simply will not do. Shardeum has been designed specifically to break the mould in terms of both pure technical features, as well as the mindset guiding the team which will form the culture of the coming Shardeum ecosystem. Shardeum has set the precedent on the technical side, developing a network capable of onboarding community & industry, and, in our opinion, it must be set on the human side of the equation. As a launchpad, our function is to incubate, accelerate and launch projects. This is a very logical procession of events, however, the humanity of the incubated teams, the community of ShardStarter, and the Shardeum Network itself will bleed into this process to ensure that the resulting dApps being launched are not simple material functionaries. We believe that our ethos should be that of integrity and authenticity. Strong character values must be impressed into every project that proceeds through the ShardStarter dApp. This is imperative as they begin their journey within the Shardeum ecosystem and ecosystems beyond, in order to spread a culture that is identifiably Shardeum based. We, as a launchpad, shall embody the values best suited to the expansion of Shardeum both within the cryptocurrency ecosystem as well as within the wider global community. Shardeum continues to build the proof-of-community and is currently moving at a rocket speed towards mainnet launch. We fully intend to emulate this in regards to dApps and the people they serve; crypto and non-crypto native

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