Our project structure is designed to be flexible and accommodate projects at any stage of development, from onboarding to launch. The process starts with candidate selection and project review, followed by advisory support in areas such as protocol mechanics, tokenomics, and other essential aspects. Our team then helps with writing crucial documents such as investment decks, marketing narratives, and distributional tokenomics. Once the groundwork is done, projects are introduced to the ShardDAO for evaluation and voting by the members. If approved, initial funding rounds start and our team provides support in building their communities. Upon completion of initial fundraising, projects enter the ShardStarter Ecosystem and their token generation event is announced. $SHMX stakers can then choose to participate in the launch, with investment levels determined by their staking tier (Amber, Chrome, Jade & Topaz). Our relationship with launched projects continues with regular check-ins and support calls to ensure continued guidance and support from the ShardStarter team.

ShardStarter aims to stand out from conventional launchpad models by leveraging the unique features of the EVM-based Layer 1 network, Shardeum. The team behind Shardeum is dedicated to paving new paths, both technologically and culturally within the ecosystem. As a launchpad, ShardStarter incubates, accelerates, and launches projects, but with a focus on promoting integrity and authenticity among teams and the community. The ultimate goal is to launch dApps that align with Shardeum's values and contribute to the network's growth and the wider global community. With the Shardeum network nearing its mainnet launch, ShardStarter aspires to match this success with the launch of dApps and the people they serve, both in the cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency space.

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