Why Launch with Us?

Community Building:

As a crypto launchpad, we can help new projects by providing a platform for community building. This includes creating a space for potential investors and supporters to engage with the project team and learn more about the project's goals and progress. Additionally, we can provide resources and support for marketing and communication efforts, helping to raise awareness and build excitement about the project among key stakeholders. Overall, our goal is to help new projects establish a strong foundation of community support and engagement that will be essential for their long-term success.


With our huge network, we can help new projects with fundraising by providing access to a wide network of potential investors. This includes connecting projects with institutional investors, high net worth individuals, and other accredited investors who are interested in participating in the project's token sale or fundraising round. We can also provide guidance and support throughout the fundraising process, including helping to structure the sale, creating investment materials and creating a roadmap for fundraising. Additionally, we can assist in setting up smart contract for the fundraising on various blockchain platforms and help with creating a whitepaper and other required documentation. Our goal is to help new projects raise the necessary capital to successfully launch and grow their business.

Establish a direct line of communication with Venture Capitals: We leverage our existing relationships and networks. This includes identifying and connecting projects with VCs who are aligned with their mission, vision and business model. We can also provide guidance on how to approach and communicate with VCs, and help to facilitate introductions and meetings. Additionally, we can assist in preparing pitch decks, financial projections and other materials that are required to secure funding from venture capitalists. Our goal is to help new projects navigate the fundraising process and establish a strong relationship with venture capitalists that will be essential to their long-term success.

Marketing Support:

e provide guidance and support in creating and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes various engagement channels. This includes assisting with AMAs (Ask Me Anything), Twitter Spaces, and Galxe events, which can help to create a direct line of communication between the project and the community, providing an opportunity to answer questions and address concerns. These events are effective ways to build trust and engagement with the community and generate buzz. Additionally, we can help in creating content and messaging that aligns with the project's vision and goals, and targeting the right audience, to make sure the reach is maximized. Our goal is to help new projects increase visibility, generate buzz and build a strong community, which are essential for their long-term success.

Tokenomics Design:

Our team includes experts with a proven track record of supporting successful projects with Tokenomics. We plan to collaborate with top liquidity providers, consultants, and market makers to help incubating projects design a robust token structure and develop use cases for the token within their ecosystem

Legal & Regulatory support:

As a Crypto Launchpad, we can help new projects with legal compliance by providing guidance on legal and regulatory requirements for their specific jurisdiction. This includes helping to ensure that the project's token sale and overall business model comply with securities laws and regulations, as well as providing resources and support for compliance with data protection and privacy laws. Additionally, we can assist with creating transparent and fair terms and conditions for participants in the token sale, and provide support for drafting and reviewing legal documents.

Access to Retail Investors:

By providing access to a qualified and vetted database of potential investors, we can help new projects to increase their chances of success. This includes providing opportunities to connect with retail investors who have expressed an interest in crypto projects and have passed our KYC and AML checks. Additionally, we can assist with marketing and outreach efforts to attract retail investors and help the project reach its fundraising goals.

Technical Support:

We can help new projects with technical support by providing expertise and resources to assist with the development and launch of their project. This includes providing guidance on smart contract development, blockchain integration, and technical infrastructure setup. Additionally, we can provide ongoing technical support to ensure that the project runs smoothly and is able to respond to any issues that may arise. Furthermore, we can also provide access to security auditing, penetration testing and vulnerability management for the smart contracts and dApps. This will help to ensure that the project is secure and reliable for its users

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